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Responsive Web Design without any Frameworks,


Hello Dear Students,

In this blog post I would like to discuss something related to web design, we all know that we use front end frameworks such as Bootstrap
for ease of responsive design, but all the websites and applications that require a responsive design should it be done using such a framework (i.e., Bootstrap) answer is No, and the reason is that when you use such a framework you are bound to use the libraries which come with the framework and whether you like it or now all the library files need to be downloaded and distributed to your clients when they want to render the webpage in their devices, further all the file and libraries which comes with the framework will not be used or useful for your purpose,
Therefore in this blog post I would like to introduce you to a easy flexible way of creating a responsive website without using such frameworks,
Use the website

You can customize it according to your preference and the code will be generated, then copy paste the code to your website, that’s it you are done.
Good luck



Online Picture Dictionary for Kids


Hello Kids,

I have found a wonderful website, where you can find all kinds of pictures for your day today school activities and so on, Please follow the URL bellow to take a look at the website, It’s an Online Picture Dictionary.

Happy Learning.


DICD Final Presentation Guide [HND37]


Dear Students,

I have made a guide video for your Digital Image Creation and Development [DICD] HND – CSD Module, I have uploaded to my YouTube Channel, This will be helpful for you to plan the final presentation on Tuesday 2018-03-27,

Good Luck

My 3D Models in Maya

Some of my 3D Models done in Maya


My Photography


Dear Students,

Take a look at my photography works via the following links



03. National Geography Channel – Yourshots


Thank you,

Nuzrath Sir

Python Programming


Dear Students,

Am willing so share Python programming related materials via this Blog post,

Python Programming Cheat Sheet [PDF]

To start learning more about Python programming and to get the official documentation you can always visit the Python website (

Good Luck.!

Nuzrath Sir.

Programming by Doing

Programming by Doing

Dear Students ,

“If you’ve ever tried to teach yourself programming and couldn’t quite get going, then these assignments are for you. Refined over fifteen years, these are the assignments I have used to teach the basics of Java to nearly 2,000 ordinary public school students over my career.” –


I found this website very useful, has a lot of assignments on Java Questions, you can start from very basic level, then gradually increase and improve your skills up to an expert level give it a try,

Good Luck.

Programming By Doing

Nuzrath sir,

Picture Credits to : [Pexels]


Photography – Slides


Dear Students,

please follow the link bellow to download the notes, which the presentation slides I used to demonstarte and explain during the lessons to you.


Good luck with your phtography…

Mohamed Nuzrath,


A/L ICT Seminar 2018









Dear Students,

Please follow the links bellow to download materials,

If you have any questions drop me an email at

Useful Links and Downloads

If you are looking for Technical terms in Tamil or Sinhala, you may find the following websites and links useful.

01. Tamil Past Papers [download ]

02. Tamil Technical Terms

03. ICT Technical Terms in Sinhala [Download PDF]

04. ICT Terminology in Sinhala [Online version]

Grade 12 Teacher Guide ICT – 2017

01. Eng_Gr12_TG_ ICT [English – 2017]

02 tamil_Gr12_TG ICT [Tamil – 2017]

03. tamil_13_TG [Tamil – 2010]

Grade 11 – Chapter 05 – Web Designing Using Multimedia

Chapter 05 – Web Designing Using Multimedia [English]

Chapter 05 – Web Designing Using Multimedia [Tamil]

Chapter 05 – Web Designing Using Multimedia [Sinhala]

HTML Guide Book

Photos during the ICT Seminars at [Madawala Madeena / Gampola Wickramabahu / Kandy Pushpadhana Girls College / Matale St. Thomas]


Title Image Source with Thanks : lukasbieri

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