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programmer-1653351_640Many of us as developers come across circumstances where we need to populate the database tables in MySQL (or other) therefore having to export tables including data in excel like spreadsheet application to SQL Commands, I came across a wonderful online tool which can automate this process and can provide you the SQL Command in seconds, give it a try.!

Good luck.!


Pixabay the Best Free Image Source …


We all, as Web Designers, Developers, Graphics designers, UI Designer etc  have a great requirement for Graphics and Images for our work, finding very high quality professional photographs and illustrations had always been a problem that we face when we look for these resources for the projects,

But need not to worry, We have a wonderful resource online which serves as a repository for our image requirement, it has been founded and created by Simon Steinberger and Hans Braxmeier in march 2012, which is non other than ( I have been using images from this website over 10 months and found it very very useful. I became a supporter and have been uploading my photographs and happy to say that i have 480+ photographs available in my account (

You can follow your favorite photographers therefore whenever they upload their new work you get an email notification, simple as that,

I strongly recomend that you visit and get register with  website and get the BEST …

Good Luck.


Student Forum Started

I’m very happy to announce that i have bought a server and have hosted the official website,

i have created a student forum which currently has many topics being covered for example Java programming, Web Development, Photography, etc

You can participate in the forum by singing in and post your questions and article that you want to share with others.

Have a nice day.

String validation

Dear Students,

Here i have created a small Java application to demonstrate how a String can be tested or validated, for example whether it is having only characters.

I have shown only one method there are other ways to do the same thing though

Click here to Download

have a nice day

E-Mail Validator

Dear Students,

Nice to contact you all after long time, recently i came to know that certain students finding very difficult to  create an E-mail validation application, therefore I have developed one for you. this app was created in Net Beans , the fine file has the business logic. Run this java file or open the project in Net beans and test, it

Download the file from this media fire link

Leave your comments about the program bellow,

Have a nice day.

Programming Techniques & Practice

Programming Adiction
Dear Students,
In this post of mine, am hoping to cover the programming techniques and practices, We will be mainly discussing about

  • What is a computer program?
  • What is programming?
  • Who is a programmer?
  • What are the Software Development Life Cycle stages
  •  (Analysis, Design, Code, Test, Review & Maintenance, Documentation)
  • Practice Questions in Analysis and design
  • Introduction to JSP (Jackson’s Structure Charts) and Pseudocode
  • Software Testing
  • Lots of Questions…
  • Generations of Computer Programming Languages
  • Language Translators
  • Source Code/Object Code/Machine Code
  • and many more.

here is the first part of the note set is uploaded, wait for the completed one

Click here to download the Programming Techniques & Practice.pdf [340 KB]

Have a nice day.

Mohamed Nuzrath.

Post Date : 22/01/2013

Updated on 05/02/2013  [Completed version of note set was uploaded]

Business Skills for E-Commerce

Dear HND BSE Students ,

Welcome to my blog, I have uploaded my notes here with necessary description, so that you can download them when ever you want them.


Download Note for BSE – Learning outcome 01 –BSE – LOC – 01 [452 KB]

Download Note for BSE – Learning outcome 02 – BSE – LOC – 02 [291 KB]

Download Note for BSE – Learning outcome 03 – BSE – LOC – 03 [1.12Mb]

Please leave a comment about the site and contents. – Have a nice day.

Mohamed Nuzrath

04/12/2012 [Published]

08/01/2013 [updated – uploaded BSE LOC -02 – Half  Completed Version]

21/01/2013 [updated – uploaded BSE LOC -02 Completed Version]

29/01/2013 [updated – uploaded BSE LOC -03 Partially Completed Version]

12/02/2013 [updated – uploaded BSE LOC -03 Partially Completed Version]

28/02/2013 [updated – uploaded BSE LOC -03 Complete Version

MCKI – Managing Communication Information & Knowledge

Slides and notes for HND Students

Organizational Communications

Definition: Organization

People with shared aims coming together to achieve those aims, this involves division of labour, management of resources and external as well as internal, communication.

There are two broad divisions of communication – formal and informal the former established within structure and procedures and routed through official channels; the later arising from incidental meetings, social situations and spontaneous gatherings.

If you work in an organization, you must respect the formal channels of communication. This does not mean that there should be no informal communication, but informal methods should be supplementary. That is they mean formal communication is not functioning effectively.

Various factors impact upon an organization’s ability to communicate: size and geographical spread are two very significant factors, together with change and its implementation.

In terms of size and geographical spread, information, ideas and knowledge can more easily be shared within a close, cohesive team where the task and the needs and talents of individuals are recognized. Organization structures may be implemented to recognize this and help ease the flow of information and thereby improve communication.


Download Learning outcome 01 – MCKI – LOC – 01

Download Learning outcome o2 – MCKI – LOC – 02

Download Learning outcome 03 – MCKI – LOC – 03

Download Learning outcome 04 – MCKI – LOC – 04


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